May 2014 Update

Sharing Lived Experience: May Update

It is great news that the research has been given ethics approval from the NHS Research Ethics Committee (North West Research Ethics Committee) and has received local research and development approval from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, which means that the research is ready to proceed. All being well, we should begin the fieldwork in July 2014. Continue reading


Sharing Lived Experience Research: March 2014 Update

While it might all seem to have gone very quiet on the blog front regarding the progress on the lived experience research, much activity has been going on behind the scenes, in particular preparing for NHS research ethics approval and refining the research methods.  There have also been some great conversations with service users and practitioners interested in getting involved with research activities.

A few additional research activities are also being developed. Continue reading

Mental Health Lived Experience

I’ll be using these pages to keep people up to date on the progress of the research into sharing mental health lived experience.   Here is the first update!

The study.  You can read about the current study into sharing mental health lived experience by clicking on the Sharing Lived Experience tab.  In short, this research aims to explore what practitioners think about sharing their own mental health (and other) experiences with service users, and what service users think about it too. Continue reading