Lived Experience Conference 2015

Peer support workers share their mental health lived experiences with others daily, and many mental health service users find this helpful.  But is it more controversial for other mental health practioners to talk about their experiences? Early findings from the current research on Sharing Lived Experience in Mental Health Settings will be presented by Jonny Lovell, Chief Investigator, at this forthcoming conference:

Beyond ‘Them and Us’ Lived Experience Conference 2015, Leeds, Friday 6th November.

You can be part of the conversation that discusses ‘how we can work together to challenge the stigma which continues to exist in many services and settings’

This conference follows on from the successful Lived Experience in The Workforce conference which took place in 2013, read the blog from this event here.
It is a unique opportunity to share information and ideas, to learn from one another, share the challenges, best practice, innovative ideas, and practical advice.
You will have the opportunity to network with voluntary, private and NHS organisations who work in the mental health field.

Topic areas will include:

  • How can we best value, embrace and promote the importance of lived experience?
  • What are the potential benefits to services, professionals and patient care?
  • How can we promote an empowering, more inclusive, less stigmatising culture?
  • How can we explore and address workforce challenges?
  • How can we share, learn from and expand on best practice?

Flyer lived experience 06.11.15


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