January 2015 Update

The Sharing Lived Experience survey was sent to practitioners and service users at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in September 2014, attracting over 300 responses. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete and return a survey, your responses are highly valued! 

Survey analysis

In December 2014, a small team, including service-user researchers, myself as the Chief Investigator, and Alison O’Connell, Social Inclusion and Recovery Worker at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, met to begin the process of analysing the survey responses. At this stage, it is impossible to draw any conclusions – we haven’t looked at enough responses yet – but it is already apparent that there are a wide range of divergent views on the subject. At one end of the spectrum, some people are clearly opposed to sharing some or all types of lived experience, at the other end, some people are clearly in favour of it, while others lie somewhere in between. Analysis will be conducted in a number of different ways, enabling us to see whether respondents’ views change according to the job role of disclosing practitioners, the demographics of the people completing the survey (for example, whether the respondents are male or female, religious or non-religious etc.), or by the subject matter of the disclosure.  The analysis process will continue over the next few months.


Over the last few months discussions have been underway with the University of Melbourne, Australia, to look at replicating aspects of the UK study over there to provide a cultural comparison and widen the scope of our investigations. Funding has now been secured from the University of York to carry out this work. While it has not been possible to replicate the entire study, we do have the capacity to undertake some focus groups with mental health service users and practitioners. We will be approaching the relevant mental health consumer group (service user group) to ask for their views on taking this forward, and from there we will need to apply for ethical approval to undertake these activities. I will keep you posted on progression, but hopefully we will be able to take this forward in the first half of 2015.


If you filled in a survey and you left contact details because you wanted to be kept informed of the outcome of the research, updates will be sent out once the research has been completed, around September 2015.
In the meantime, I will continue to post progress updates on these pages. Please click on the “follow button” on the bottom right hand side of any page, and you’ll get an email notification each time I post something new.

Best wishes to everyone for 2015!


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