Sharing Lived Experience Research: March 2014 Update

While it might all seem to have gone very quiet on the blog front regarding the progress on the lived experience research, much activity has been going on behind the scenes, in particular preparing for NHS research ethics approval and refining the research methods.  There have also been some great conversations with service users and practitioners interested in getting involved with research activities.

A few additional research activities are also being developed. The first is to ensure that the research survey is fit for purpose, through an exercises called “cognitive appraisal” to check that people understand the survey and how to answer it.   The second is a “test-retest” process to establish reliability – if people answer in completely different ways when they fill out the survey the first time and then fill it out again a few weeks later, then we might decide the survey is not a reliable tool to measure what they think about the subject.  The third research activity is to develop a “disclosure intimacy scale” so that we can tell how “personal” or “intimate” people think the survey disclosure items are, which will help us to analyse the survey results.  I’ll explain more about these activities and what we find out in later blogs.

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That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading!



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